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1. Spanish slang for the word "Shit".
2. Being extremely excited while saying "Shit".
Helen: *Throws a dildo at Priscilla*
Priscilla: "Oh SHITA!"
by helenizzzzle August 19, 2007
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A slang term used by the white population to describe a person of African descent. AKA Nigger.

Originates from East Orange, NJ
Look at the shitum's hanging out in front of the liquor store again.

They should get a job.
by Honkey-nigga July 05, 2006
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A Fiber supplement pill that consists of chicken grease, corn, prunes, and exlax.

Works best with Taco Bell* food.
I was realy really constipated, so my doctor gave me a Shitum with Taco Bell* food
by Nuckyduk April 27, 2009
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Another type of colloquial used in the Spanish language. Mainly used to describe the situation a person or thing is in.
"Shita! I forgot my phone at home!"
"I should've realized that you were the one who took my money, shita! I should've known!"
by DuckyDuck69 February 20, 2019
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a small annoying lap dog that id sooner kick in to orbit than stroke
its that a dog or a rat? its good at stcking toes, but still is a little shitum
by do-you-know August 24, 2007
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shit a little,so you wont get into trouble im bored,got a myspace?
jessicaalba:oh shita!
dana:what happened?
jessicaalba:i drpped my phone.
by shitaass December 02, 2007
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