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When you invite a mate round for chills and thrills, and then he decides to ditch you for bigger and better things!, thus becoming a shit mate!
by Jevs92 May 09, 2010
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A friend that bails on plans.

A designated drive that ends up drinking.
A person that moves cities for no apparent reason
A close friend that blows you ex in a club toilet.
by shitttttmatttteeee June 21, 2011
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The combination of the word shit and checkmate, chess reference version of checkmate, yet you didn't check shit, anything, miss calculated or didn't gain any advantage, and acceptance of defeat. Examples: Dido, squat, fail.
"I know they'll work out and click."
"No; dude, they broke up 4 nights ago."

"Yeah dude, tell me about it."
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by Lucio Serrano August 19, 2017
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1. Someone you maintain a friendship with whoes deficiencies boost your self-esteem.

2. The member of the group always cracked on and ridiculed.
Homie 1- Yo son your boy is morbidly obese.
Homie 2- No shit hes just a shitmate.
Homie 1- You got issues G.
by Mo Green April 02, 2008
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When two or more coworkers experience horrid work conditions, esp. Navy. Replaces "shipmate" with "shitmate."
*Word comes from above that the weekend has been cancelled*

"Well, looks like we are going to be stuck here yet again, shitmates!"
by rukasu_01 May 14, 2014
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