When something happens that is so unexpected, you just have no clue on what to say, so you say shit the fuck. It shows confusion, anger, and dismay.
I was playing my new copy of COD4 when suddenly, the image on the TV changed to some guy giving Oprah a titwash. Shit the fuck!
by leesoer May 21, 2009
When you mean to say "fuck that shit" but you end up saying "shit that fuck"

When you are really mad.

When you dont care.
"shit that fuck!"

"he punched me, shit that fuck!"

"he won 1st, shit that fuck"
by Santamaria- dre August 31, 2008
Completely and totally screwed, fucked up, wack or absurd.
"You see that sweet mami, dawg?"
"Dat mami's a dude, dude!"
"Dat shit is fucked B!"
by Jeanyis June 11, 2008
Final frantic words before driving into a wall/skiing over a cliff etc etc
'shit fuck shit fuck shit fuck' cried james as he slammed into the back of the manure truck
by butt cowboy October 27, 2004
Used to describe the state of something, whether as how it looks or otherwise.
"Hey mate, hows your computer?"
"Yeah not bad, looks shit as fuck with the wires and stuff though"
"Fair enough"
"Can you believe him?"
"Damn, that's shit as fuck."
by claw106 November 7, 2018
1) variant of "fuck this shit"

2) to anally excrete male ejaculate after having had anal sex.
1) "This puzzle is too fucking hard! Shit this fuck!"

2) "My boyfriend was giving it to me up the ass, and I knew it was going to be painful to have to shit this fuck."
by teh_real_jay_rock January 28, 2010