Phrase commonly used when surprised or startled.

Guy1 "Did you know your mumma has a 12 lbs pussy"
Guy2 "Shit on me!"
by Alex Dan Shaun November 10, 2006
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A phrase commonly used when somebody says something or does something, or tells you something unbelievable. Can be used for positive or negative
A: Dude, some guy just totally shot your Mother
B: Don't Shit With Me

Similar to:
Don't Fuck With Me, Don't Jack With Me
by The Daily Hacker March 05, 2009
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A British expression regarding a moment or situation of grief - Used in scenarios when someone simply cannot comprehend
Doug: Oy bruv, my man is shacking me up with a broad, real peng one too. Problem is she’s a dyke.

Chris: A dyke? Shit in me mouth bruv. No sense in that.

I was hanging out curbside and a car drove by, splattering mud all over my rain jacket... shit in me mouth.
by slimalien March 14, 2020
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When you greet someone or somebody and they don't say anything back to you.
I was walking down the street and said good morning to a group of people and they didn't say hi or shit to me
by Matthew B. Walker August 10, 2012
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Something so funny that all you could do is soak it in and laugh in the inside cause it was too much .
I was watching Kevin hart standup , that shit had me dead
by Dime piece Marie March 02, 2017
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