(v) - to push so hard as to defecate in one's undergarments unintentionally.
by Ryan February 29, 2004
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To release of sh*t/crap/poo without removing your clothing, usually your pants and/or underpants.
Joe: Ugh! What's that smell, Larry did you shit yourself?
Larry:Uhhh, yeah?
by UrbanLegend1234 March 21, 2010
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The release of such an ungodly fart that its potency and duration make those around the farter believe that the farter did not merely fart, but indeed shit his pants. Usually either an insult at the farter's discourtesy in not leaving the room, or a proud boast to indicate the true power of methane.
Them: pffft

Me: <Sniff, sniff>...what the fuck, who shit themselves?
by NoLeadEmSoMuch July 29, 2004
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something Ive done and so have you.
This is going to be a picture finish. Dude you just shit yourself
by shesunlucky October 31, 2007
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to have an extreme disdain for someone to the point that you demand they defecate themselves immediately without any proper hygienic precautions.
Mark Sanchez, did you seriously just pet my dog? Go shit yourself!
by Ronniemiller1k September 14, 2010
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You shit yourself - When someone excretes faeces on and around their body. Often happens during the consumption of alocoholic beverages such as cinder. This results in the loss of control of the sphinter muscles in the anus.
When DD shit himself in the famous 'DD shit himself' incident. (you shit yourself)
by john joe bonner May 15, 2006
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When you are giving birth and you are pushing so hard you "shit yourself."
Sorry guys, you can't watch my birth video cause I shit myself.
by Marie February 20, 2004
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