verb: (1)the act of sitting on the toilet and excreting fecal matter whilst leaning into a near-by garbage can and/or sink and vomiting. Usually transpires after heavy drinking combines with copious amounts of food.
(2)the act of sitting on the toilet and excreting fecal matter, whenst you realize you must vomit, and you stand up, and turn around and puke all over your shit.
(1)My friend Clyde had a big dinner for his 21st birthday, then we went out and got him hammered drunk. When we returned to his domicile, he proceeded to head into the bathroom, drop his trousers, sit on the toilet, and Shit Puke for the next 2 hours. "Let it Ride."

(2)I was sitting with this chick in the living room of my friends house in college when I had to take a shit. I went into the basement (where there are no walls, just a toilet) and proceeded to shit-puke after too much Taco-Bell.
by Pooke May 21, 2009
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you know when you were really young and were sick, and your mom wasn't there and your dad was just like help me idk what to do with this child and you're just a sick little baby and then all of the sudden you shit and puke at the same time and the tsunami is unleashed? yah that's a shit-puke
Katy! Help! The baby is about to shit-puke!

Bruh, I was so sick last night, I almost shit-puked.
by swagmen69420blazeit February 03, 2015
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When because of out partying till the early sunrise you decide to releave yourself by leaning out your friends window and puking on the street, but instead puke out your ass.
"I never Shit-puke before, but once i puked-shit"
by Haryazz December 12, 2003
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a disgusting ass blanket at jacobs house that smells like a pile of shit and ass plus puke
by Jakecameo April 24, 2021
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This is the countercessor Shit-Puke this not only smells as bad but now you have to taste it.
"I thought i should get this taco hell out of my system before we go out, but i guess i pushed to hard cause it came out my mouth"
by Haryazz December 12, 2003
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When you are vomiting and have the runs at the same time. Hence, Puking shits.
#1: Bro, you weren't at work today, the boss is mad as fuck.

#2: Man, I was sick. I had the puking shits.

#1: Oh. It's a good idea you didn't come to work then.
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