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An alternative name for a dog; it doesn’t matter if it’s a pedigree or a mongrel, it comes from the old saying “a dog is a machine for turning food into dog and dog shit, but once it’s full grown it doesn’t produce dog anymore.” Strictly speaking it’s not the dogs’ fault but is due to irresponsible owners who fail to clean up after their animals.
I hope you’re going to clean up after your shit machine.
by AKACroatalin December 01, 2015
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negative term for a baby, or young child, refering to the concept that all they do is make shit.
"ugh, I guess you need a new diaper, shit machine."
by Brian November 03, 2004
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(noun) One who shits very often and usually makes the surrounding area smell bad for a long period of time... even after you spray Lysol or Oust...
Hey what's that smell?

Oh sorry, It's my Dad... he's a shitmachine.

Did you spray any Oust?

No, It doesn't help anyway.
by lolokthatfunny November 15, 2009
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1. A general term for someone who is an annoying douchebag.
"Hey, that girl just slapped me!"
"Whoa, what a little shit machine!"
by Kaylin May 05, 2004
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