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A verb meaning to do something very sneaky and underhanded, especially by sly women, but is so well perpetrated that you almost can't be mad. Also a noun being one who does such things. The past tense is the same. the adjective is shinksty and the adverb is shinkstly. Possibly a variant of the German "Sheist" which is "to steal" which became "heist" in english, but more than likely was just the first thing out of some shmoe's mouth when he realized he'd been had by some broad.
-"...and that's when I realized that the shinksty bitch had taken the whole bag and drove off in my car while I was asleep."
-"And she put the mail and the paper on the table and turned on the coffee?"
-"Yeah. God, I love her."
by PGoodyWoody March 23, 2009
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