The act of getting kicked in the shin, the third most painful thing on Earth.
John: How was the fight?
Mike: It was brutal, the guy got shinned so hard he lost all feeling in his left leg.
John: Holy fuck!
by Derpy Dude February 05, 2018
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chinese character meaning 'truth' or 'trust'. name of a wandering shinobi. see also kevin s aka shin kagawa
but then again, who trusts a ninja?
by Shin May 11, 2005
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the 2nd most sensitive part of your body after the balls or ur tits
guy: hey you bitch thats my ice cream *kicks guy in the shin*

guy 2: ahh you bastard!!! you kicked me in the shin!!

guy: your lucky I didn't kick you in the balls
by i like ice cream bitch November 03, 2009
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A shinned bid is where a seller bids on their own item to increase the price or match a reserve bid it can also be used as a reserve amount for an item
I wasn't getting enough for my used toilet paper on eBay so I shinned it
by Eden G July 23, 2017
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To sexually stimulate your partner by rubbing your shin against theirs.
Friend: What did you and *partners name* get up to last night?
You: man, we spent the night shinning
by Imagoodperson(: August 17, 2014
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