A Jew-man with hair (non-red) on their head. The hair can either be greasy, frizzy, or just generic. Essentially, it includes all Jewish males who are not bald.
"Hey Jerry look, it's that shilo kid!"

"Go back to Israel you shilo!"
by tokie September 18, 2007
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Also Is in love with Cody. Cody Rules. Go Cody. See Cody for details.
Shilo Loves Cody.
by Kayla Pape December 08, 2003
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Shilo is the most beautiful person in the world she’s a bad ass and makes everyone mesmerized by her body shilo is typically a person with tons of friends and a shit load of weed with her at all times shilo is unique and stunning asf
Oooohhhhh daddy shilo💕🍆🍆🍆🍑🍑🍑
by Oh mama March 18, 2018
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to retaliate with an unproportional amount of force.
I called him a fag, and he shiloed me by hitting me in the eye with a rock.
by cjames April 28, 2006
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A total slut. A wannabe cowgirl, who is so self conscious she must sleep with every fake cowboy with a ford mustang. Typical shilo will sleep with anyone to get whatever she may need, be it tires for the pickup truck daddy bought her or a good grade in a math class. Shilo
Will never work and just continue sleeping her way through college all of her life.
Tire salesman; hey whos chevy truck is that parked outside?
Other tire salesman; oh that belong belongs to that little shilo, she is in the bosses office fucking him for free tires
by drydickmcgee December 10, 2013
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A description for someone who is overweight, a druggie, and sleeps with every living person and is only 13. Also see slut.
by Pissed Person February 12, 2005
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one who spams a ridiculous amount on a forum,usually a black person
"man that guy has been acting like a complete shilo the past week"
by lenny lennard November 09, 2004
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