To kiss passionately using tongues.

see the below example.

this is a shift, dont believe the other rubbish.

use the power of the shift.
i like to shift girls
h t t p ://
by Dog Licker October 18, 2012
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shift means the same as to meet someone. people used to use it all the time,in ireland, back in the day when everyone watched 'den 2' religiously when they came home from school and when they'd spend their evenings with their friends looking for more 10p coins to buy another Mr.Freeze or three. Shifting was innocent, and it was fun! then you became a teenager and shifting had two meanings; you could just meet him or you could go all the way if you wanted to! help revive an old word and bring it back into 21st century conversation by using the word 'shift' NOW!!!! they brought back wispa's so bring back shifting too!!!!!!!!! go on, you know you want to, go out and shift him NOW!!!
Emma:"eh, will you shift my friend?"

James McEvoy:"Ok!" (in a really sexy scottish accent)
Boy1: "D'ye shift her yet?"

Boy2: "No,i got this talk at school and i'm going to become a priest."

*awkward silence*

Boy1: "emm...o-kay then..." runs away.
Emma: "OMG you shifted James McEvoy, you are like THE uber-shifter now!"

Aoife: "The what?!!"

Emma: "ehh, never mind! anyway did you shift him, or did you, you know, shift him?!"

by kinky boots sidekick October 28, 2008
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A culchee (Irish countryside resident i.e. anywhere outside Dublin in the 26 counties of the republic)term for Snogging.
"I was caught shifting your mans sister lastnight just before i got me langer out"
by Dave1892 April 11, 2006
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a person who says something one day then changes their opinion to the opposite the next on a continuous basis
Trent: Bro, Melvin told me to fuck off and get out of his life last week, now he's saying i love you and acting like a mate

Abanoub: Yeah what a freak, he's done that like 20 times to me, such a shift.
by the original t-bag October 31, 2008
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To kiss, usually with tongues. A word used by irish teenagers
Will ye go shift me cousin over by the chairs their lad
by LesKen February 6, 2019
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