Shexuale - Gorgeous,Sexy,Attractive...
Mullins is teh shex, because he looks cool.
I know, he is shexuale.
by TheDukeHerself March 3, 2005
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a very sexual person
so extremely sexual that you have to add an "h" in because of it for kicks and giggles... =P
Percy ur so dayyyymmmmmnnn shexual you hav a soul patch.
by bonnet August 24, 2006
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Someone or something that is sexual, but in a scatological kind of way.
Damn I wanna get shexual with that Snickers bar!!! (looks like a turd, but has a sexy taste)

Damn I wanna get shexual with her!!! (I wanna give her a Cleveland Steamroller!)
by Capt. Fudge September 28, 2009
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lizz says this ALL the time, usually when describing herself. its pretty self-explanatory really. Its said in a kind of half-scottish accent sean connery stylee. not really sure where it comes from.
person 1:omg hat dude just took of his hat!!
person 2: really? was it oh so shexual?

person 1:what do ya think of my new hair?
person 2: oh so shexual!
by chirpy chirpy cheep cheep February 16, 2005
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