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There can never be a girl more loyal then sherlyn. She is so nice and beautiful and if you were her boyfriend don't try testing her is she not loya BOY SHE IS LOYAL💖!!! She is loving and humble
Sherlyn is beautiful💖
by Me👍 May 15, 2018
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A beautiful and charming individual that isn't afraid to rebel against the rules of society. She is very intelligent and takes pride the things she believes in. She is not one to back down easily. She may be shy when you first get to know her but her true colors will shine once you know her well enough. A well rounded girl that knows how to break hearts if crossed wrongly yet be the sweetest girl you will ever meet if you get on her good side.
"Did you see Sherlyn the other day ? Damn the girl is charming and beautiful as hell."
"Sherlyn is amazing, i might actually be in love with her."
"She's so sweet, I bet her name is Sherlyn"
by Iamnick April 04, 2014
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A girl who guys can easily have a convo with, without thinkin about sex. she connects with them mentally and physically..

she do not open up to people often bcuz of trust issues.. does not show sad emotions very often but when she do they are very real..

someone who you can confide in....usually find good friendships in girls named amber.

she's a nice girl but dont piss her off or she blows up like a tickin bomb
i need a girl to be just another sher-lyn.

she has sher-lyn tendencies
by im da best July 26, 2009
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Sherlyn is outspoken person everybody loves her yes has a lot of problems but her friends are there for her
Mikayla : I'll always be there blood sis
Harley : I'll always be there
Brandon : I'll be there for you
Sherlyn : guys I knew count on you
via giphy
by Ig-itz.poptart May 10, 2018
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someone who is a mofo. A fur sure pothead. but shes pretty cool. FA SHO
"I guess you think your sherlyn
by SkyRae June 09, 2009
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A girl with a nice ass, and big titties, she gets all the boys to smash her, she is a very pretty girl that every one likes to hang around with, she is also a girl a lot of people love or like, she will text any boy, and does sexting
1. Damn sherlyn has a big booty I wish I can be like her
by My big ass233333 May 24, 2018
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