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The name Sherin is associated with the traits of sweetness, kindness, love and a strong heart. Those with the name Sherin are strong in spirit and always fight for justice and peace. They are proud persons who will hold their head high and will not not compromise in any situations. They are loyal companions and they tend to forgive but not forget. They can be dreamy but when it comes to making decision, they are very practical.
She's such a Sherin!
by pari007 April 15, 2013
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hot sweet BANGIN types of girls that tend to be on the shorter side but that's cool, cause they still be kicking.
Guy 1: I like that girl but she's kinda short.
Guy 2: Dude! She's a total Sherin! HIT THAT BITCH UP.
by greatgooglymoogly October 16, 2010
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