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A small island that is just off the coast of kent, mainly populated by pikey chavvy scum, that are all imbred with webbed feet. Sheppy natives are commonly called swampy's.
Sheppy is shaped like 37,000 useless pieces of shit floating in a swamp. Actually, to be fair, not everyone on Sheppey is a useless piece of shit. Many of them have jobs, and some of them are even learning to read. The ones who reach such dizzy heights usually leave the island and then disown their families.Their new found knowledge of the world drives them on to seek out new lifestyles that might include things like cinemas, book shops, hospitals, and intelligent conversation: all of which were outlawed on Sheppy shortly after the reformation.
by sumna October 13, 2005
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the stupid way to refer to a slurpee or seven11
1. I have to make a sheppy run!
2. Quick direct me to the nearest sheppy!!! I need a sheppy!!!
by BeckaB July 10, 2008
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