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Shendo, Shando, Shanado, Shandore, Shenado, Shanadore, Shanadaw, Shenandoor, Chendo : various pronunciations of Shenandoah, PA, the quintessential Coal Region town. Not to be confused with the more famous Shenandoah, Virginia. In the Scranton area, Shenandoah is known as "Shannondorsky". Fast becoming the little mexico of Schuylkill County
Wild West town of the East back in the bootlegger days.
Infamous phrase:
"Yo, Chendo, 462, da f***."
"Yo, Chendo, 462, da f***." "I'm from Shenandoah 462-da f***"
by coalspeak October 10, 2005
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Someone who is obseesed with sex and feels like they have to have it 24/7
by Bob Wellington December 15, 2003
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