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Shemar is an sexy amazing beast they are truly dominant in bed well charming. Some say what he speaks comes true can also pull any girl at his will many say even men are attracted to them. Most Shemar are typically short around 5'5 5'6 despite their height they are really dangerous they have a stroke game of 9000 capable of fking your bitch. Shemar is a funny laid back nigga that knows how to dress you can always spot them a mile away
Girl: who's that sexy jawn right there

Girl2: and he can dress
Girl 3: nahh that gotta be a Shemar
by Jboogie247 April 16, 2017
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an extraordinarily handsome, amazing boy, usually from harlem, who enjoys watching youtube videos and googling wins & fails during any and all free time that he has.
loves making sexual innuendos and hitting on girls younger than him, giving them a REOWWW every chance that he gets.
shemars are typically unique, even if that sort of is an oxymoron. they make amazing conversation, are incredible in bed, and rarely die as virgins.
shemars are more awesome than you'll ever be, and if you find one, you shouldn't lose him.
shemars' win level is always over 9,000.
girl one: damnn, who's that fine boy over there?
fine boy over there: REOWWWWW.
girl two: oh, that's shemar!!
by shemarssecretlover September 06, 2008
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A ugly boy that can't get a girlfriend, because he is too ugly.
This boy is so shemar.
by The realistπŸ€ February 24, 2018
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