To get shemaled, to be going on a porn site and browsing though the videos click on one that looks good.............
Bang you got shemaled!
You go on a porn site and click on a video unsuspectingly, then before you know it your watching a man having sex with a shemale.
Any male who has been on porn before must have been shemaled a few times.
by Debi jones May 5, 2010
The adjective used to describe somebody who acts in a manner that indicates that they are a shemale.
Have you seen Harry today? he's acting really shemalic.
by abstractlakx February 20, 2018
A slur referring to a transgender girl.
She's a shemale.
by kae_ August 20, 2020
A tall, handsome man with gorgeous green eyes and a wonderful smile. Shemal is very loving. . .just a big teddy bear!
My husband, Shemal, just helped me clean the entire house!
by IloveShemal February 4, 2010
A highly offensive slur for transgender women that implies trans women are men.
Shemale is a slur and should never be used.
by MysticalMorgan June 3, 2015
An odd mix of a man and a woman
Daughter:Mom, why does that woman have a penis?

Mom: o honey, she is a shemale
by Twicksta October 12, 2003