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A seemingly unique name, although a close relative to the name "laine". Really.... all thats added is a "she". Commonly pronounced as sha-lane. But usually pronounced completely wrong by substitute teachers. Others are often shocked when they realize this is the name of a white girl and often mock her with more thug-like remixes of Shelaine (such as: Shequan, She-nay-nay, She-fizzle, or Shebang{me all night long}).

The name does not assume an identity to its owner. After all, a name does not define someone. Some Shelaines are old, others merely kids, some are losers, others accomplished, some think they are accomplished but really aren't. Some are extremely unique and creative, others a social cliché. Whatever the persona, all Shelaines are guaranteed one thing: They will never ever be in the same classroom, school, office, town and possibly state as a another Shelaine. Unless they decide to have a Shelaine convention, and in that case they just destroyed any originality the name had left.
Person1: Hey look, its Shelaine.
Person2: Lets sing to her provocatively.
Chorus: Shebang! Shebangs! Oh baby when she moves she moves!
Shelaine: Oh Lord..... it never ends.

Sub Teacher: She-lai-jhfdskhfds
Shelaine: Its Shelaine, Sha-lane.
Sub Teacher: Ahhh! Such a lovely and unique name!
ten seconds later........
Sub Teacher: Sha-lahfhskfhs
Shelaine: I give up. Yes thats exactly how you pronounce it, now just run along with it and by tomorrow I wont have to deal with your incompetent pronunciation of my name.
by SirJones January 11, 2010
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lovable but amotivational.
works at the movie theatre, smokes much pot, has a lesbian mother
see also: set, lila
"Hey Shelaine, what are you doing tonight"
Shelaine: "ablaaagardbleeeeeee---CALEB! shmoopedy doo! BUH!"
by pixiee & jade December 29, 2003
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