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The one girl who actually defines the killer smile with deep deep eyes who are just so easy to get lost into. Super shy initially but opens up as you get to know her. Loves to make things complicated and difficult in life by overthinking a lot. Always has that one friend whom she calls bro and is her lifeline for lifetime. Commits a lot of mistakes in a relationship blaming her other half for every friggin thing. Very adorable, hot and sexy.
Omg did you just see her.
She seems so Shefali
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by Vansheli2201 January 18, 2018
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An Indian term originally a girls name, which now has come to represent the epitome of the sexy 30 something educated working Indian mother who can juggle work,kids and a high powered job aswell as respecting the Indian culture at the same time
Hey dude did you meet the new V.P of Marketing she is a total 'Shefali', she is a lady on the street but betcha she is a freak in the bed.
by dhillontech April 13, 2005
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When someone hints at something interesting but then refuses to tell you
'Im sorry I can tell you, it hasnt been confirmed'
'Ugh, thats such a shefali'
by EwockEblock July 27, 2016
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