coolest kid to ever grace the town of avon. enjoys phishing and long walks on the beach with his acoustic guitar b/c he's too emo to have a girlfriend.
damn, there goes sheesh money!
by Adam Lazarra September 18, 2004
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Something to say when a person flips out on you
you: its snowing
them: i dont fucking care!
you: sheesh!
by retrohunnie January 02, 2010
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A discreate way of allerting others (particualry guys. But protains to lesbians) that a hot/beautifull girl has come within sigh. Is it an obligation of a guy who sees a sheesh to make a "sheesh" call aloud.

Results of a sheesh call:
1. Several guys makeing a mad dash in direction of the "sheesh" to get a look
2. Your boss becomeing upset when she finds out what it means.

*footnote: it is an obligation to cover your boys so they can all get there fair share of a look at the sheesh
David sepe was on front counter when a sheesh walked in. Sepe proceeded to yell back sheesh to the grill where john speaks was standing. John then proceeded to yell sheesh. This sheesh-back call resulted in kevin barbosa, nick valcobra, larry, and sevral other male employees to sprint to the front of the store where they all said aloud "sheesh!
by dsepe10693 August 05, 2011
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A phrase people of culture use when something is lit or pleasing.
1. These Buffalo wings are bussin! Sheesh!
2. You seen Biancas ass today? Sheesh!
by Orthopedic April 07, 2021
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used when someone is really hot πŸ₯΅ or random word used in classrooms
(sends snap) response: SHEESH
by Emma. πŸ†’ April 19, 2021
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It’s that feeling when you see something and you know your mom won’t let you get itπŸ˜”πŸ’”
*sees new makeup pallete*

Me: β€œSHEESHHH what is this hunnyπŸ˜β€
Mom: β€œni lo pienses pendeja”
Me: β€œπŸ˜”πŸ’”β€
by Yourhg_devv February 22, 2021
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