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The practice of worshiping the actions of Charlie Sheen, believing in winning
I have been great at everything since I conformed to sheenism.
by TDawesome March 21, 2011
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A new religion, based off of the teachings of Charlie Sheen.

Often practiced by consuming large quantities of blow, and screwing porn stars for hours on end.
Ns1 is a loyal follower of Sheenism. All praise be to Charlie Sheen!
by ultimatebob February 15, 2011
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A belief in a divine warlock that can shapeshift into an F-18 Jet, due to mass consumption of tiger blood. Members of the faith are referred to as "Winners" while all nonbelievers are known as "trolls".
Dude, ever since I joined Sheenism I've been seeing Double Rainbows. I'm fuckin winning.
by beachbum662 March 13, 2011
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sheenisms-collective word associations that erupt into everday language usually as a result of a hyper-inflated ego egged on by over mediatric exposure. Caution: Use of the aforementioned 'isms' will effect one's appearence to be of a sub-standard intellect usually associated with those who purchase tabloids at the newstand and grocery store checkout lines.
sheenisms-warlock sheenisms-sheens goddesses sheenisms-duh, winning just to name a few.
by junqdiva April 05, 2011
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A series of random, incoherent words or sentences which make no sense to anyone....including the person saying them.
Man 1: Greg's ok until he starts drinking. Then he starts flying off the handle about warlocks, dragons, and tiger's blood.

Man 2: Sounds like Greg is having a Sheenism.
by Octavio Stevens April 02, 2011
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