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old Persian word meaning a deep love that can only be expressed through actions rather than words. Used in songs/poems.
translated from Persian: 'You are my shayda...'
by Shayda November 30, 2006
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Shayda is a Persian name who usually belongs to a smart, stubborn girl who knows what she wants in life. She feels most at home when she is with family and friends. She relies on others, but tries to give her share of help. If you know a Shayda hold on to her as long as you can.
Boy 1: Do you see my new girlfriend, she is so smart and supportive

Boy 2: I bet she’s a Shayda

Boy 1: Yep
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Shayda: Obsesses over guys, with hilarious personality and major sarcasm queen! Anyone named shayda is better than Ariana Grande and will marry wesy :)
Shayda has a crush again🙄
by Lior leshem November 06, 2020
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will marry someone named wes mcmullin, funniest person in the friend group, but doesn’t get many guys, loves sarcasm and loves to be with friends :) also obsessed over random people
by Lior leshem November 05, 2020
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