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The preppiest public school in the midwest. The girls all strut around with their vera bradley gear. The guys all walk around with their Ralph Lauren shirts and their sperry's. The poser skaters get high before school and sell weed to the preppy girls who all get drunk at anytime possible.
Katlynn goes to Shawnee Mission East, her dad is a lawyer and she lives in Mission Hills. She spends all of her dad's cash on Jack Daniels and doesnt come home on Friday nights.
by lancer1222 October 18, 2010
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A public high school in Prairie Village, KS. Notoriously known for its students' exorbitant amounts of underage drinking, smoking, and preppiness. Their principal makes attempts to end this, but his actions are fruitless. Students pregame everything. Football and basketball games, community service activities, even school itself sometimes. Drinks of choice include natty light, jack daniels, and vodka in water bottles for stealth drinking. The other Shawnee Mission Schools scoff this alcoholism but the SMEasters don't really seem to give a shit.
"Dude, did you see that kid from Shawnee Mission East? He fucking reeked of cheap whiskey."

"Yeah, their entire student section smells like a brewery"
by McFamous December 11, 2010
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This school is THE hotspot for white rich kids who spend their free time being hospitalized for binge drinking. On Friday nights you can find most of them in the basement of a 5 million dollar house drinking cheap vodka supplied by their parents.

A walk through the halls will give you a clear view of at least 50 practically-bare asses in tight lululemon leggings and adidas stan smith's. Walk out to the parking lot and you'll spot rovers, benzes, audis, and of course the occasional volvo belonging to one of the less fortunate.

There are some smart kids here, but most just rely on their parents' money to get them through life.
Shawnee Mission East Girl: "Did you see that new G-Wagon in the junior parking lot?"

Other girl: "Yeah, Sophie's parents got it for her for getting a 22 on her ACT"
by Yola10928 February 04, 2017
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Shawnee Mission East is the best school in the Shawnee Mission school district. People may talk about how East is the snobbiest and preppiest school, but really look at yourself. I have been poorer areas in the district, but I have to say that they have been a lot more rude, and stuck on themselves. East is known for it's academics, sports, clubs, and school spirit. This is actually a really diverse school. The people here come all sorts of different social and economic backgrounds. The reason that this school stands out is because the whole student body is determined to go far and do the best we can. I guess you can call us tryhards. Really it's the tryhards that go far in life. There's a reason why our football team is doing so well.
Jill goes to Shawnee Mission East. She gets good grades, and is involved in many clubs.
by Stevepick November 12, 2013
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The second high school in the Shawnee Mission School District. Somehow, they get budgeted all of the money the school district has to offer, resulting in their nice, college-like campus, but leaving other schools like Shawnee Mission North, Shawnee Mission West, Shawnee Mission Northwest, and Shawnee Mission South with the spare change that the lazy asses at SME are too lazy to pick up. They tend to be the biggest douchebags in the Kansas City Metro Area, only doing their shopping at the Country Club Plaza and Town Center in Leawood. The male species of douche that roam the halls at Shawnee Mission East tend to be outfitted in Blazers, with Ralph Lauren graphic tees underneath. They wear $70 jeans with nearly every outfit and Nike AirMax shoes, and, because they are simply too cool to do otherwise, they each sag about 4 inches. The female species of douche at this school each have about 40 pieces of Vera Bradley on their bodies each day. They enjoy wearing shoes made for sailing as if they were practical. They can be seen wearing at least one piece of Abercrombie and Fitch every day. They have video announcements every morning and think it is trendy to tailgate high school football games. Most guys also have an earring in each ear. If you want your kids to do drugs, you should definitely send them to this school, as the students here do drugs in the restrooms, and have drunken parties just about every night of the week.
Shawnee Mission East Kid1:Dude, brah, you wanna go to the plahzah and get some awesome new shirts at Halls for Monday?
SME Kid2:Brah, yeah I do! After that, lets go get drunk and cruise around Prairie Village
SME Kid1:Awesome, brah.
by typewriter123 September 17, 2011
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