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The second high school in the Shawnee Mission School District. Somehow, they get budgeted all of the money the school district has to offer, resulting in their nice, college-like campus, but leaving other schools like Shawnee Mission North, Shawnee Mission West, Shawnee Mission Northwest, and Shawnee Mission South with the spare change that the lazy asses at SME are too lazy to pick up. They tend to be the biggest douchebags in the Kansas City Metro Area, only doing their shopping at the Country Club Plaza and Town Center in Leawood. The male species of douche that roam the halls at Shawnee Mission East tend to be outfitted in Blazers, with Ralph Lauren graphic tees underneath. They wear $70 jeans with nearly every outfit and Nike AirMax shoes, and, because they are simply too cool to do otherwise, they each sag about 4 inches. The female species of douche at this school each have about 40 pieces of Vera Bradley on their bodies each day. They enjoy wearing shoes made for sailing as if they were practical. They can be seen wearing at least one piece of Abercrombie and Fitch every day. They have video announcements every morning and think it is trendy to tailgate high school football games. Most guys also have an earring in each ear. If you want your kids to do drugs, you should definitely send them to this school, as the students here do drugs in the restrooms, and have drunken parties just about every night of the week.
Shawnee Mission East Kid1:Dude, brah, you wanna go to the plahzah and get some awesome new shirts at Halls for Monday?
SME Kid2:Brah, yeah I do! After that, lets go get drunk and cruise around Prairie Village
SME Kid1:Awesome, brah.
by typewriter123 September 17, 2011

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