1. To accidently book a return flight for a different month. This trajedy is greatly magnified by the fact that the mistake is only noticed three minutes before leaving for the airport.

2. To call abandonment on ones self, whether intentionally, or unintentionally.
Ex. 1.

Dad: Jasmine, are you ready to go to the airport? Better check your itinerary again.

Jasmine: Why do I have to check? I checked so many times..

Dad: Well, just incase. I don't want you to shavin your flight.

Ex. 2.

Person A: Hey, how come I didnt see you last practice?
Person B: Dude, I was stranded in Bali dude...
Person A: What happened?
Person B: I was shavined!
Person A: What a dumbass...

Ex. 3.

Person A: Oit, what took you so long at the airport?
Person B: Sorry, I was shavining....
by Laura Karen April 29, 2008
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