You ever get bored of your man. Does he have small dick energy? Or do you know a girl that is craving some bbc? Call Shavin immediately. A really nice guy with a big dick and big personality. He is a legend at what he does, seriously.
OMG girl, you were with Shavin? I heard his dick is the size of a horse cock.
by idontlieman November 23, 2021
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A great person with a great personality and a great dick (6+ inches). He is so handsome and intelligent and can change everything. He is considered to be a billionaire genius who always gets what he wants thanks to his hardworking skills. He is so lucky and great at everything. He is also blessed with the power of music and a huge amount of creativity. He always has girls following him around and mostly seen making jokes, playing games or watching movies.
In summary, Shavin is a legend...
Max : OMG you were with Shavin? You must be so proud of yourself!
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Nickname or easy term for shaving.
That Javan kid's nickname is Shavin.
You Shavin?
by Javan May 19, 2006
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Someone introvert and only enjoys the company of certain people that she likes. Never starts the conversation unless she’s comfortable being around them. Never makes the first move regardless of how much she fancies someone. Loves going on adventures but she gets bored of it in very quickly. Smart and independent. She listens to R&Bs and creates a mood.
by Skkrrrrr November 23, 2021
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1. To accidently book a return flight for a different month. This trajedy is greatly magnified by the fact that the mistake is only noticed three minutes before leaving for the airport.

2. To call abandonment on ones self, whether intentionally, or unintentionally.
Ex. 1.

Dad: Jasmine, are you ready to go to the airport? Better check your itinerary again.

Jasmine: Why do I have to check? I checked so many times..

Dad: Well, just incase. I don't want you to shavin your flight.

Ex. 2.

Person A: Hey, how come I didnt see you last practice?
Person B: Dude, I was stranded in Bali dude...
Person A: What happened?
Person B: I was shavined!
Person A: What a dumbass...

Ex. 3.

Person A: Oit, what took you so long at the airport?
Person B: Sorry, I was shavining....
by Laura Karen April 29, 2008
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