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A girl you will probably catch drawing instead of paying attention at school. She is invisible to everyone at school and the people who DO see her often portray her as (cringy) or (edgy). Something people don't know is that she fantasizes about killing everyone in her class, especially those sluts that get straight A's in every subject. she is also good at art and can't do math.
slut 1: hey, did you see Shauli? she's so suipid.

slut 2: who's Shauli?
by yeah, thats my name January 10, 2018
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When your dog wakes you up to take him outside to drop off his payload and instead you pick him up to put him on the bed with you because you're too damn lazy to get up, and while picking him up you squeeze his stomach and he pinches one planting a warm fuzzy on your forehead.
Husband: I better take Otis out before he pulls another Shaulis.
by Peter April 16, 2004
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