someone who has eyes that are too far apart like a hammerhead shark.
shes too sharky! i cant tell who shes looking at
by marymmm48 December 5, 2010
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Someone who leads somone on, as if to lead to a relationship or something close to it, but then just drops them.
1. That girl is such a sharky!

2. "Can we just be friends?"

"AHHH, don't shark me!"

3. HAHAHAHA, you just got sharked!
by ferrrrrne June 16, 2009
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A very nice Asian guy with a shlong in his pants and horny most of the time ♥
That Asian dude is a Sharky
by Brandonhasatinypipi September 24, 2019
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An illiterate, ugly, annoying, pathetic creature. Spends all their time playing video games and feeling sorry for themselves. Constantly seeks attention, and can be found on many Video Game message boards. Frequently participates in internet 'relationships' with underaged girls as they cannot get with anyone in real life. Often lies and pretends to be gay, anything to make themselves appear more interesting than they actually are.
If you're not careful you'll turn out to be a right sharky when you're older.
by Anonymous September 5, 2004
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a large bump in a girl's ponytail
when hair in a girls ponytail sticks up, resembling a fin
"Hey look at her sharky, she needs to redo her hair!"
by Jane Brown November 1, 2005
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Someone who has sex with African girls, usually African mothers.
Fuckin Sharky, did it again.
by RelliT123 February 13, 2010
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