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A class clown who makes a shitty class bearable.
Teacher: Okay children let's start the day with a few new math problems What is 5x2

Shariq: 12

Rest of the class cracks up

Teacher: Okay, now let's try to get an answer from someone whos not a shariq
by Jwurp January 05, 2018
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Brown boy who get all of da girls y'all already know, but also steals his friends crushes and is sometimes a bitch but loves to eat that ting
SHARIQ stole Dora from KALA KELA
by this duuuuuuudeeeeee June 20, 2018
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A freak of nature who loves fighting and violence. Messed up enough to love taking part in a fight irrespective of victory or loss. Such specimens are crazy and should not be messed around with, they reciprocate aggression in multiples of input and are known to be extremely calm in battle, perfect weilders of a dual sword or kataana.
He never goes down even after taking a roundhose kick to the face,
Shariq The First Man Of Andals
by Mark luois January 18, 2018
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the most loveable boy, a music freak, and that person whom you can talk endlessly! He will make sure that he keeps you happy all the time... He does what ever it takes to get a smile on your face!!! And the best part is,his quotes!
Girl 1: I need someone to talk to.. am depressed!

Girl 2: you need to speak with Shariq he will give you the best advices!

Girl 1: oh yeah, right!
by Anonymous star489 August 30, 2018
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