a stupid monkey who steals underwear and is great for smacking in the head with a bug net.
usually threatens to break kneecaps on the island bulletin board
by thehjonklord April 14, 2020
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Shari is the evil nemesis of Toss boy. She is also the queen of Hel. In her house she trying to make a potion when breathed in replaces every last thought with the will to do what Shari commend. She also has a cult named “Shari is are savor.” Although I would name it “Shari is treacherous.” She also wants to rule the world but toss boy will kill her and her evil. This is stated in the prophecy of Toss boy.
Shari is dumdum
Shari is evil
Shari is a psychopath
by Gabrial duffey April 12, 2020
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Large flat clearing of land. Also refers to the dead wood on the trunk of a bonsai.
We let our sheep graze in the shari
The shari is running up the trunk from the roots of that bonsai...
by wormsse November 02, 2010
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A young fellow that marries at a young age. Usually lives in the Caribbean.
Also a small strip club in the south of France.
"I saw your friend at Shari last night. It was awkward."
"Oh. I was there too."
by Friendaline June 19, 2013
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