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1. A physical or mental sensation so amazing it can be compared to Shaquille O’Neal's basketball skeelz.
2. Something pleasing enough to figuratively make the person ejaculate as much as Shaquille O’Neal can.
3. To ejaculate a huge load as if you were 7 ft 1 in, 325 lb and the greatest man to ever live.
1. "Jessica Biel...mmm, just thinking about her gives me a shaqgasm."
3. Two roads diverged in a wood, and I—
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has given me a serious raging shaqgasm.
by Mo_Shift_Fo January 09, 2008
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a phenomenon that occurs whenever one witnesses Shaquille O'Neal beat the shit out of several people using his Shaq Fu while advertising several products, grab one of their asses, dunk the last one into a garbage can, then roar like a t-rex
Example: youtube
The link above includes a shaqgasm.
by HyaenusDominae February 13, 2010
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