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She may seem nice and/or awkward when you first meet her, but once you get to know her, she is really nice and funny. She has a certain spunk to her and is really sarcastic and sometimes energetic. Although she may seem like an extrovert at times, she really is an introvert. She enjoys talking to others and branching out, but also values her alone time and likes to keep to herself once in a while to recharge. She is very paranoid and worries what others think of her, but is quite confident in herself. She likes to interact with people once in a while, but is also very reserved and quiet when she likes to be. She is more of a watcher and not really a speaker, but she loves to participate in public speaking events. She doesn't attract very much attention, but does have quite a few friends. People will see her around and will smile or wave, and sometimes talk, but there are not very many she can trust. If one does earn her trust, they are very important to her and she is very close to them. She is nice and wouldn't do anything to hurt someone's feelings intentionally. But she is tough and will get back at you if you were to hurt her or her friends in a manor that is uncalled for and rude. She is very confident and loves to lead groups. She is a natural born leader, and she owns it!
"Wow, that girl really is a Shanthi. She has so much confidence, but she is very humble at the same time."
"Right. I can already tell she's going to be successful."
by pxraltiago November 15, 2018
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1- a person who makes smart people stupid.
2- a person everybody hates, even her office mates.
3- a person who's sweat rings are as big as a triple G cup!
4- a person who mispronounces every word in the english dictionary!
girl 1 "look at the sweat on her! ewww, how revolting! i talked to her yesterday, didnt understand a word...."
girl 2 "i know, she's definitely pulling a shanthi!"
*both laugh uncontrollably*
by ketchup lover March 26, 2009
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