abbreviation for "What the Fucking Fuckitty-Fuck," an stronger version of the eponymous "wtf".
the tentacled transvestite goat porn made me go "wtfff".
by breadcrust December 22, 2006
Wtfff is short for What The Flying Fish Fingers.

It's a non-insultive way of putting it, but maybe not to the fish...
Oh my, wtfff is going on with her? I heard she was emo.
by Kate Pwns September 21, 2007
WTFFF?! is an abbreviation of the phrase "What The Fucking Fuck FUCK?!". Building on the tradition of other phrase abbreviations - such as WTF, WTH, ROTFL, and so on - WTFFF?! is used to express a highly elevated sense of angry, almost disbelieving astonishment and disgust at an idea, event, quote, or any other ridiculous, stupid, asinine, incredible, irresponsible, banal, incredulous thing.
"While reading the morning paper, I came across an article supporting the nomination of Dick Cheney for some kind of humanitarian award for his philanthropic work in the middle East. Gobsmacked, I actually had to read the article again to make sure those words were actually there - they were. And I was totally, like, how is Dick "My Name Really Is Dick" Cheney going to get a humanitarian ANYthing? Do they even know who he IS? And what he's DONE? WTFFF?!"
by slegotoo October 25, 2013