Shane:a guy with a heart,doesn't always know what to say ;) is hot and sexy charmer,kinda guy who will invent botox or something real rad,he is smooooooooooooth not in a creepy way,young,fresh,a baller,a player,in the rite way,can save the day,if a pot burns,he knows wat to do and how to score! knows his homeboys and stands up for ppls everywhere anywhere anytime. anybody would be lucky to have a shane in their lives,shanes can save the day,cook,clean do what the rest of the world can do but more,a shanes never go around bein a total std and can be the cutest lil retards for real once you fall in love with a shane that is it fo real do not break a shanes heart or i will COME BACK. GET THE FUCK on urbandictionary and cuss and shoot you out into outerspace.foeva!
Jamie: z0mg! shane has the biggest penis in the world!!!

Lucy: i fucked him last nite..i had to get in a wheelchair afterwards he is soooooooo big.
by thatguyputmeinawheelchairrrrrr October 25, 2010
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A man with a sexy body, amazing hair and a large member. His eyes are kind yet unreadable. He isn't fake or friendly to people that he doesn't know or doesn't like. He has large hands and a contagious laugh. He loves sports and club soda and the upright bass. Unbelievably sexy. Animal in bed. Is delicious and unforgettable. If you find a Shane, hold onto him and make him the love of your life.
He rocks my socks in bed, he's a total Shane.
by sevenL July 19, 2010
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a boy who a girl deeply fell in love with one day, and wants to spend the rest of their life with him. the most amazing guy you will ever meet. a boy who can always put a smile on your face.
lauren fell in love with shane.

WOW! that shane is amazing
by LOLO HEW April 14, 2010
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An English derivitive of the irish name sean, which is an Irish form of John meaning "God's gracious gift."

Shane is a very popular variant of the name Sean in Northern Ireland in memory of Shane O'Neill whose forces won notable victories over the armies of Queen Elizabeth 1st in the sixteenth century.
his name is Shane

Shane is God's gracious gift
by sod1234 August 25, 2007
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