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One of the craziest motherfuckers, you have probably ever met. They are incredibly smart, but they are risky, brash, and crazy. They live life to the fullest because they want the most out of life before they cant enjoy it anymore. They get easily bored, and they always think outside of the box when they do. Essentially it's like putting Tony Stark on Stimulants.
I heard Orgo Chem was hard as fuck. I bet Shameem knows the answer tho. He is crazy, but he knows what he is doing.
by Stark3000 May 10, 2019
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deffinition 1:nice smell or fragrance
deffinition 2:cool person
Shameem smells good. Shes very cool. That might be why she has so many friends.
by anonymouss.*-_= January 31, 2008
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describes any attractive female, in particular, one with a exceptionally fit, makes you say PHWOAAAR type of body.
"God this place is full of dogs, won't find a shameem in here, let's fucking go before i end up with me beer goggles on"
by Mr Capital Hill August 20, 2011
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