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Shamari is a one of a kind type of person. A friend that will go to then for you, one that will always put you first and value every moment shard.
to be a Shamari is to be loyal to even those who deserve it not.
by EmelioElliott December 22, 2016
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Shamari is a girl that stands out can have an attitude most of the time but is a funny person also youll never meet a girl like her and shes a trend setter she can also dress. Once u find a person named shamari keep her
There is no other girl out there in the world like shamari
by Whyyoumad28282 May 14, 2018
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shamari always on go for people she fw hard you will never find another shamari she goofy asl always joking around but mean asl at the same time but she coo and that 🐱 wet asl plus she cute
shamari a fun person to hand around
by rainbowcar May 29, 2019
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Shamari is usually a mixed or black male. He’s loving,kind,funny,very attractive, and motivated. He enjoys things in life like sports and hanging out with the people he loves but sometimes keeps to himself just to head think for a while. He might get sad but will be fine with some comfort and love. Shamari plays video games in spare time. His relationship will last a life time if he makes he’s lover happy. His life will be successful if he puts in the effort for it.
Boy- “Shamari is a GREAT friend in every way! Couldn’t ask for more.”

Girl- “I wish I had a Shamari for a boyfriend.”
by Iknowallthat February 15, 2019
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Girl:Biiitch, let me tell you about that boy Sha'Mari , truust he got a snake on him periiiood.
by beaaach June 16, 2018
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