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Shamar is an amazing guy. He's shy at first but when you get to know him he turns into a stand up comedian. He's really popular, but only keeps a few real friends. He is really cute but doesn't always think so. When it comes to girls Shamar likes to stick to one at a time he's a nice guy and girls abuse that and he ends up being the one who always gets hurt, but hes forgiving. Shamar is really open minded and tries to understand other peoples point in an argument. When you really hurt tyren or make him mad if you're close to him he just wont show for a few days and avoid you, but if he doesnt like you he will go off and curse you out and wont care who's watching. He the kind of guy who likes everything straight foward, if you dont like him tell him he wont be mad. He can be the sweetest guy in a relationship but you have to show him love first so he knows he wont end up embarissing him self, hes not into the girl that flirts with everyone. All in all he's an amazing person and i love him.
Shamars are the best type of people
by NiceGuy100 April 12, 2018
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Coolest guys at the school
Has a lot of friends
Most popular
Guy: Have you seen Shamar

Guy #2 obviously hes the coolest guy at the school
by Ahajajshsjshhsmsshjsbshsns March 09, 2018
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A short dick head who is athletic. He also has a big black cock and eats alot. And

can get any girl they want and talks alot.
Ryan: why is there so much boise in their
chris: maybe shamar's in their

Demani: where is all the food in the kitchen
Ryhs: Shamar spent the night
by i fucked ur mom last night March 24, 2017
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someone who is very smart ,cute ,can also someone who is in a group called DNA, hang around real nigga , and can make it somewhere in life by playing basketball
Shamar is a good man
by __only1mar June 17, 2018
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