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A kid who wears shorts and exclusively talks about diving and Israel too much.
“I went to Israel and I was diving. It was so much fun” “I, I love Israel.” “I have a diving license.” Shalev is an Israeli name.
by GrandBikeRider November 20, 2018
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A young man who sounds like he smoked 16 packs of cigarettes in the last 12 hours.
"He sounds like Shalev."
by Herban Dicktionary April 02, 2017
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Shalev is either the name of a boy or a girl. When it's a boy he's a stud, and should not be considered your soul mate. But if it's a girl you've found a one in a million catch. Shalev is the summary of all things beautiful in a girl. She is funny, crazy, smokin hot, and unique. She may have a rough time with life but that's what makes her a stronger person. You won't find a Shalev anywhere, but EVERYWHERE! She can be the cool girl dancing up a storm at the night club, or the smart girl in criminology.You can't win an arguement with a Shalev, she will fight with justice! She has a unique fashion sense that will soon sweep the nation. Wearing one earing will be next on the top magazines. If you have a Shalev in your life don't let her go. She may seem like a tough unbreakable cookie, but on the inside she is softer then a pillow ad just needs love.
Example 1: "OMG! Did you see what Shalev's wearing?" "YEAH! I'm wearing it tomorrow!"
Example 2: "What did you learn today Shalev?" "Crime statistics attempt to provide statistical measures of the crime in societies. Given that crime is usually secretive by nature, measurements of it are likely to be inaccurate." "Yeah... okay.."
by bananasaurs-rex February 13, 2012
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Shalev is an anime imbecil who wears shorts and a t-shirt all the time, talks about Israel, and likes to dive while watching hentai. He is an anime girl trafficker.
"Did you see that guy? I swear he has a fetish for diving anime" "Yeah, he's a real Shalev"
by boitoi420 April 10, 2019
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