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Phrase used to describe the action of seperating a large fecal discharge into two or more peices to faciliate flushing.
"Man, my turd felt like it an 18 inch rope--I decided to shake and break that monster so I didn't clog the bowl."
by Da Man 2010 April 05, 2010
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shaking hands and ending a friendship or relationship cleanly on good terms; agreeing that the friendship or relationship is over and both parties agree to behave professionally in the future; both parties agreeing to remain amicable at the end of a friendship or relationship
She offered him a shake and break when it became clear they could no longer be friends, but he refused. He brooded for weeks while she went on with her life.

IMQueen: it was shake and break and adios
WiseWan: its better this way, hun
IMQueen: i know but it hurts
WiseWan: and it will for a while, but you'll be able to see him on the street without spazing now. who's next on your list?
by MedievalWriter December 26, 2007
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Attempting to play BrickBreaker on your Crackberry device while on the subway, in the backseat of a NYC cab driven by a complete lunatic, off roading, etc...
To improve his BrickBreaker skills, Mark began to train underground on the 1 train, become a master of shake and break
by McShanowitz December 03, 2010
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