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An extremely kind and caring person who is willing to go out of their way to help you. If you know a Shail treat them well as they are quick to become close with you. Very social and personable, they are able to make friends with anyone. Each Shail is loving, caring and known to be great in relationships.
"Damn, are Shail and her still together?"
"Yeah man they've been going out for over a year"
"Wow they're so happy"
"Shail is such a good boyfriend dude"

Smart, caring person
by Amy Patel April 13, 2013
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A person who is one above God, if you ever see him in person you are blessed
Yo i just saw a shail on the street walking past me

Yo dude you are soo lucky
by DA_TRUTH_TELLA November 22, 2018
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someone who just doesn't care.
"Wow Shail, you sure don't care, do you?"

Shail: No. Now fear my eyebrows.
by Kamikaze Pie September 04, 2006
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An extremely confused ethnic redneck from the rural South.

A "Shail" Certainly lacks the country charm of a Good Ole' Boy that one would expect.

Although well-intentioned, his disjointed character manifests in myriad anti social ways.

The drug Induced stupor you'll find them in 18 hours of the day is like a natural state of being-- a preferable trance where he meditates solemnly towards nirvana & moksha.

With age, a "Shail" will improve like a fine wine or Kentucky Bourbon. His flavor packs a punch, so his company is best enjoyed with a mixer such as lime + ginger ale. Bring some weed and chicken wings too....spicy Tandoori flavor is best to suffice this creature. Goodluck & Godspeed if life puts a Shail in your path as a friend or lover.
He's such a Shail - totally flaked out & disappeared. We found him in a country ditch 40 miles outside Valdosta, GA.
by Country Kumar June 12, 2020
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A Tanzanian fellow who smells like expired oysters. A name given to cupcakes, fruit bags, and a bag of dirty socks. The name is given to kids with undefined sex status. the word "Shail" can be used to substiture for pain, ass, dickhead, asswipe, dirty diaper, and heart disease.
The baby's diaper is dirty. Go clean the kid and throw the Shail away.
by zana5a February 16, 2015
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