a growing city located in lowndes county georgia. home of the lowndes county high school viking and valdosta high wildcats and Valdosta state university blazers. most of the town is made up of airmen because of moody air force base
hey guys, are y'all going to the winnersville classic, its in valdosta, ga?
by dirtylilhippie March 13, 2011
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1)A town in south eastern georgia, that is completely overrated, but has a Walmart for the bored rednecks to walk around and wonder aimlessly while trying to power over their child's screaming abilities, while they make out with their hillbilly next of kin, because there is nothing else to do. Thanks for supporting Corporate America guys.

2) A town in southeastern United States where every body talks behind your back.
If you like inbred central, spit that chew outta your mouth, talk so I can understand you when you say "War-mart" (or to you backwooders: Wally World) so quite making out with your sister and slip "it" out of grammie, and get your asses down to Valdosta, GA.
by Baily told me to do it. January 25, 2011
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