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An extremely confused ethnic redneck from the rural South.

A "Shail" Certainly lacks the country charm of a Good Ole' Boy that one would expect.

Although well-intentioned, his disjointed character manifests in myriad anti social ways.

The drug Induced stupor you'll find them in 18 hours of the day is like a natural state of being-- a preferable trance where he meditates solemnly towards nirvana & moksha.

With age, a "Shail" will improve like a fine wine or Kentucky Bourbon. His flavor packs a punch, so his company is best enjoyed with a mixer such as lime + ginger ale. Bring some weed and chicken wings too....spicy Tandoori flavor is best to suffice this creature. Goodluck & Godspeed if life puts a Shail in your path as a friend or lover.
He's such a Shail - totally flaked out & disappeared. We found him in a country ditch 40 miles outside Valdosta, GA.
by Country Kumar June 12, 2020

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