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Bunch of crazy ass lunatics convincing themselves that they are onto a noble cause when in reality they are like the modern day Bangladeshi version of hippies who can't tell left from right. They are often seen chanting slogans closely resembling butt hurt morons. They are known for putting up motivational cover pictures and fiery status on Facebook since that's the only thing left to do when everyone has figured out their uselessness and turned away. They are also known for hiding behind the notion of "secularism" to spread hatred for a particular religion. Most of them are capable of maintaining double, triple and even quadruple standards towards certain groups and religion. In short they can be classified as doped Nazis.
Shahbagi: "manina, maninaaa....."

Stranger: "Ki manona?"

Shahbagi: "janina, janinaa....."

Use in a sentence: " Dude, I'm never going to eat at Mama Halim again....last nights meal gave me a serious stomach ache...I had to spend the whole morning at Shahbag"
by SpitOnChetona September 18, 2013
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Bangladeshi secular minded confused individual who is triumphalistic and anti-intellectual in terms of 1971 narratives, hoarsely demands slaughtering and hanging any perceived opponent as part of their political agenda, internalizes Islamophobic rhetoric as notions of progressive modernity. Has a strong biriyani fetish.
As the packets of biriyani were being served, the Shahbagis flocked in droves, taking a well deserved lunch break from demanding the slaughter of some bearded white men, as their police escorts looked along .
by tomatoespotatoes October 16, 2016
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A special breed of dog that ushers in a fascist, alt-right government all the while portraying themselves as freedom loving patriots. This breed emerged years before Trump was elected.
You support the assault on the students wanting safer roads, don't you, you fucking Shahbagi.
by wurusai August 04, 2018
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Adj. A word describing the participants of a popular movement that sprouted around the Shahbag area in Dhaka, Bangladesh on February 5, 2013 demanding that the rapists and murderers (known as Rajakars who worked with the Pakistani Army in 1971 to kill three million people and rape 200,000 women were brought to justice.
The Shahbagis are out on force and the Jamaat, Shibir and Hefajot fundamentalist fanatics are pissing their pants.
by HangTheRajakars February 05, 2014
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