Noun: A television show which originally aired on Japanese television, known as Sasuke there, in between dramas. It features contestants trying to complete the four difficult stages on Mount Fujiyama. It now appears on G4 and many American viewers are transfixed by the ridiculousness of the course, but also at the contestants atheleticism.

Verb: To attack a series of obstacles with a lack of fear, determination, and strength.
N: Did you see commercial fisherman Makoto Nagano race up the final obstacle on Ninja Warrior. That motherfucker is crazy, i saw him practicing on his bigass fishing boat. I bet he smells like cod.

V: Oh shit, this is nice. Watch me ninja warrior over this fence, across that pole, up the stairs, swim through that pond, and hit the oak tree at the end of the street. It's goin to be fucking nuts. I bet I can do it in like 25 seconds.
by AJ Trailah April 24, 2007
an awesome japanese tv show on g4. in japan they call it sasuke. it focuses on using strength, determination, and will to make it through four stages on mt. midoriyama in japan. the stages are super hard and crazy. pretty much if you're not asian, you cant win.
some of the ninja warrior all stars are makoto nagano, toshihiro takeda, bunpei shiratori, shinsuke nagasaki, and yasushi yamada.

ninja warrior is cool!
by tennisiscool July 11, 2008
somebody who slices themselves.
person 1: "hey what's that on your arm?"
person 2: "oh its just self harm scars, it's nothing."
person 1: "aww my little fruit ninja warrior!!"
by oooooong June 16, 2022
A gag on The Eric Andre Show. It's like American Ninja Warrior but better.
Guy One: Remember when Danny Brown walked through soiled underwear on Rapper Warrior Ninja?
Guy Two: Man, that was nothing compared to A$AP Rocky walking on mouse traps and getting shoved into a kiddy pool!
by N1mrod November 30, 2020