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A Shaday is a person who doesn't care what others think. She is a pretty person who is usually small in general. She is everyones friend unless you mess with her because Shaday's are pretty tough when people mess with her! Shaday's also have a down side. They only do work when they feel it nessesary and never for thr fun of it. Shaday's are pretty chill and cool. So now you know what to expect when you meet a Shaday!
You such a Shaday meaning You are so laied back!
by agirl_femaleperson May 17, 2009
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A hot mild tempered girl with a BOOTAY. Ohgod she has the sweetest ass ;D. An awesome laugh, cheesy ass smile, sparkling eyes, and a weird cat -.-. He tends to stare at her naked and lay on her chest D:. She has a perfect sense of humor, loves wearing her bf's hoodie, and has flawless hair. She knows how to get a guy going ;D. And is very good at making someone feel better (:. If she's in love with you then you're the luckiest kid out there unless you're dead then ur fucked sorry mate. She's very emotional and is everything anyone would look for inside and out. Shes DTF ;D. I love here very muchh - Jacobo <3
Jacob: Hey dude, my gf is Shaday.
Luis: im a fagg.
Jacob: i know :D
Shaday: JACOB. Dont be so mean, show me ur six pack -.-
by TheJacobo April 23, 2011
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