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Replaces any word which is itself a single or group of things or activities which hold non-important or non-noteworthy traits.

Like the 'Yadda-Yadda-Yadda' from Seinfeld, it cuts to the chase with out wasting time on the mundane.

Can be used to describe something excellent and good, but can also be used to describe something broken or lame.

Also used as slang for something illegal such as drugs.
1.What did you have for lunch? I just whipped-up some Shabadu.
2. Do you want to hang out? Sure, but I need to get some Shabadu done before I can.
3. MMM this sure is some good Shabadu!!!
4. Yo, light up the Shabadu !
5. I had to take my car to the shop its all Shabadu.
6. Look at that guy's shoes held together with duct tape all Shabadu.

Also can be spelled: Shabadoo
by LocoPiloto February 23, 2011
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1) The retarded form of Fat Albert
2) Technical term for dog shit
1) Hey, hey, hey...
2) Awww, i stepped in some shabadu
by Atomic June 26, 2003
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A skinny twerp who enjoys celery and cucumbers to an unusual extent.
The young man I met in the Air Force was quite a Shabadu.
by Joeyjojojr Shabadu March 25, 2005
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(n.) 1. blood sucking psychic vampire who feeds off of the torment of others 2. losers who laughs at those better off than him 3. one who is full of envy 4. see also: Joe
Shabadu can't get over his losing streak.
by da June 28, 2003
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