Having nothing to do with Sex. It is a group of six musicians who get together and play music. This is any kind of music rock to classical, there are just different instruments. Like a quartet, but with six people.
Tomorrow night I am playing in a sextet at a fundraiser. It is a beautiful piece.
by RedFaux February 22, 2014
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An orgy, specifically of six people.
I joined a sextet last night.
by Amanda Van Sook June 12, 2008
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A sexual experience that consists of 1 guy and 5 girls.
"He's not mature enough for tantric sex yet
One nigga, five broads, the mingus sextet"
- The Mingus Sextet , Count D
by JayDilla May 11, 2016
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When all six of the randomly selected friend profile photos showing in your Friends category are all female or all male - emphasis is on the opposite sex.
I logged on 130 times and finally hit a Facebook Sextet. My girlfriend's gonna be jealous.
by Rex Skidmore January 4, 2010
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