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n. An attractive woman who is hired to assist an executive by taking messages, answering phones, sorting, filing and spreading her legs at least three times per week.
"Here's a good job listing: 'Secretary wanted. Good pay flexible hours office clothes optional."

"Hun, I think you're reading that wrong. 'SEXRETARY wanted. Good PLAY. Flexible WHORES. Office. Clothes optional.'"

"Meh, it's a job."
by Dave Zucker March 11, 2009
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A reporting female that the boss primarily uses for sex in and around the office, similar to a secretary, but provides the additional perks.
John: Are you working late again tonight?

Coach P: No doubt, I just hired this new "sexretary" that likes to spend time on her knees under my desk.

John: I guess you will need additional hush money this month. (see hush money)
by Coach P July 12, 2006
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Noun.; An exceptionally promiscuous office secretary; a female(or male)dressed in the apparel of a slutty officer worker.
The girlfriend of the new C.E.O for Microsoft is DEFINITELY a sexretary, she's done every man in that workplace. And her office smells like a cheap rip off of Victoria's Secret, UGH!
by Pierre Villo May 14, 2008
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