n. An attractive woman who is hired to assist an executive by taking messages, answering phones, sorting, filing and spreading her legs at least three times per week.
"Here's a good job listing: 'Secretary wanted. Good pay flexible hours office clothes optional."

"Hun, I think you're reading that wrong. 'SEXRETARY wanted. Good PLAY. Flexible WHORES. Office. Clothes optional.'"

"Meh, it's a job."
by Dave Zucker March 11, 2009
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Noun.; An exceptionally promiscuous office secretary; a female(or male)dressed in the apparel of a slutty officer worker.
The girlfriend of the new C.E.O for Microsoft is DEFINITELY a sexretary, she's done every man in that workplace. And her office smells like a cheap rip off of Victoria's Secret, UGH!
by Pierre Villo May 14, 2008
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A reporting female that the boss primarily uses for sex in and around the office, similar to a secretary, but provides the additional perks.
John: Are you working late again tonight?

Coach P: No doubt, I just hired this new "sexretary" that likes to spend time on her knees under my desk.

John: I guess you will need additional hush money this month. (see hush money)
by Coach P July 12, 2006
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Sexretary: noun. A Sexretary is someone you hire to book all or some of your Dick Appointments for you. Anyone who frequently “hooks up with” or has casual sex with men/dick-havers that has a hard time keeping up with all of their meet-ups/hook-ups(or “dick appointments”), may want to hire a Sexretary to schedule and handle all of your dick appointments. Secretaries are not exclusive to those who schedule dick appointments, they can be hired for anyone who may or may not need help with scheduling their dates for them.
“Melissa, it seems like you’re always talking to different guys and hooking up with someone new every week! Props to you girl, I don’t know how you do it!”
“I know, I can’t even keep up sometimes! It’s almost like I need a secretary to handle all of my dick appointments.”
“You mean a Sexretary?”
by Weirdlyspecific July 30, 2019
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A person that thinks they are doing a real job...but are only the secretary to everyone in the building.
Rodbert thought he had a real job...but he was nothing but a no good fat sexretary to everyone in the building !!!!! WHORE !!!!
by Sweetlou2 September 14, 2021
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