Word: Sexification

Pronunciation: \’seks-ə-fə-ˈkā-shən\

Function: noun

Date: circa 2008

1. The subtle art of revealing the hidden sexiness inherent in all things.

2. The definitive source for all things sexy.

3. It’s a movement.
1. SEXIFICATION is for YOU to not only be sexier but also feel sexier.

2.SEXIFICATION is not just a lifestyle or a state of mind

3. Help reveal the SEXIFICATION of the latest dating tips, travel locations, restaurants, fashion trends, research, media and more
by sexificationdotcom December 4, 2008
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1. To restate a benign phrase or sentence in a heavy sexual tone.

2. The act of making something non-sexual, sexual. (e.g. Douglas Fir)
G: Hey Carl, could you pass me those tongs?
C: Sure Gina, I'll hand you the tongs.

G: Hey Carl, could you pass me those tongs?
C: Sure Gina, I'll HAND YOU the tongs. (with sexy eyes and sexual overtones)
G: oh, you and your sexification, just hand me the damn tongs.
C: thongs?
C: hey, that meat is burning.
G: oh, I'll burn your meat.
C: he he he...

R:Steve, don't you love to see the pine trees covered in snow?
S:Yeah, I love me some douglas fir, if you know what I mean.
by thehumble1 November 20, 2005
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1a: A way to become sexy through means of action or witty remarks.

1b: Becoming sexified

2: When someone puts emphasis on a hi-five.
Hey look Marie, Joe just went through Sexification.

Benny: Yo man wassup?
Dave: Hey man nothin bro.
B: Dam u jus see that girl ass?
D: Hell ya bro. Give it up!(Dave does a turn and a twist and hi-fives benny)
B: Yo Dave what the hell was that?
D: That was Sexification!!!
B: Oh yeah.
by Slapdatass May 30, 2008
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The art of killing, by means of sex

Sexified (past and future tense)
Jane is going to kill bob through sexification

bob was sexified
by Masteroftheweb February 28, 2004
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someone who is so sexy, it is practically diabolic.
wow, zac efron is such a sexifer, i can't stop thinking about him.
by byrooooo December 24, 2010
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To apply sex in a need, wanting or having in a adjective noun.
I can go for some serious sexification.
by Dark Aura March 7, 2004
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