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When she doesn't actually like you for your personality or what makes you, yourself, but may pretend to knowing in time she can use you for sex.
"Mark, after Mary and I broke up she's been being weird with me. We dont talk the same if she writes me back at all! Yet when we hangout she still has sex with me. What's going on?!"
Mark-"ahhh you've been "sex-zoned" bro, I'm sorry, there's no coming back from that dark mind fucky place"
by Callmefranky January 24, 2016
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When a girl or a guy only wants to see you for sexual intercourse. Not being your girlfriend/ boyfriend nor friend.
John: Hey man, how did your date go with Denisse?
Jack: Really bad man, she sex zoned me, she doesn't want to be my girlfriend, she only wants sex.
John: That's bad? What's wrong with guys nowadays?
by Andresthejeff January 21, 2014
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